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I’m Patricia Armada, an Illustrator and Designer
based in the vibrant city of Barcelona.
I craft tangible visuals through the art of paper.


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After having a daughter, the thrilling and intense journey of motherhood reignited my passion for my first love: illustration. I am now committed to crafting visually engaging storytelling and tangible artwork through experimentation with paper.


My work revolves around the transformation of paper and concepts into tactile illustrations and visuals. By blending geometry and volume with paper, and harmonising vibrant colors with simplicity and elegance, I strive to infuse each image with a touch of wonder and joy.


Through my handcrafted images, I explore the power and beauty of simplicity, the magical effect of analog techniques, and the pursuit of essence. In my creations, paper is the protagonist, color is the speaker, and volume is the narrator.


Additionally, I create Limited Editions of Artists’ Books for the curious minds of Little Humans.


Discover more of my WORK or my latest EXPLORATIONS.

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